JCA’s Productive Aging Award Dinner

JCA annual dinnerOn May 4, I attended Jewish Council for the Aging’s annual fundraising event, the Sylvia Blajwas Productive Aging Award Dinner. They honored Sally Quinn with the Productive Aging Award and the Honorable Sidney Kramer with the Humanitarian Award. Ike Leggett, Connie Morella and many others were in attendance. Gratzer Graphics designed the invitation, programs and slides for the event. The tablecloths and orange pots with yellow flowers as centerpieces were chosen to match our design work.

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Get Responsive (Design, That Is)

Are you alienating your audience? If so, get responsive (design, that is). If a good chunk of your clients, members or customers are using mobile devices to browse your website and read your e-mail promotions and these are not coded as responsive designs, then your audience may not be as responsive (no pun intended) as they could be. Here’s what I mean: how many times have you viewed a website on your mobile phone, only to leave the site abruptly because it was too frustrating pinching and panning in and out to get to a particular menu item or to find what you need?

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How to Choose a Designer or Firm

There are many factors to consider when researching and hiring a designer or firm. Consider the entire package: the quality and value of the work, responsiveness, ability to meet your deadline, costs, etc. Partnering with an experienced designer or firm may (or may not) cost a little more in terms of money than another one but may save you money and time in the long run.

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Sochi Olympics Logo Design

I am very excited about the 2014 Winter Olympics, but I must say, as a graphic designer, I am disappointed in the logo design that was chosen for these Sochi Olympics. I did some research to find out the thoughts behind and reasoning for choosing that logo.

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Designs That Help Shelter Animals

As you may know, I have two stores featuring my original designs and from which I donate 100% of the proceeds to shelter animals in need of rescue or medical care. Most of these dogs and cats are in or come from southern shelters with high kill rates, where inhumane methods of euthanasia are used, the pet population is out of control and owners often think nothing of surrendering their pets to these shelters.

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