Help Your Designer, Help Yourself, Pt 2

Obtaining Images

This is the second of a three-part series called Help Your Designer, Help Yourself. This segment is all about images. Follow these guidelines and you will help yourself and your designer.

Help Your Designer, Help Yourself, Pt 1

Preparing Copy

This is the first of a three-part series called Help Your Designer, Help Yourself. This segment is about preparing your copy for your designer. Following all or most of these steps will allow your designer to lay out copy in the most efficient way possible and may keep you from incurring additional charges. You’ll help yourself and your designer.

Social Media Marketing

Keeping up with social media marketing can be overwhelming, but it should be a part of your overall marketing plan. It will drive more traffic to your website, attract the right audience, increase your search engine optimization (SEO) and elevate your brand.

JCA’s Productive Aging Award Dinner

JCA annual dinnerOn May 4, I attended Jewish Council for the Aging’s annual fundraising event, the Sylvia Blajwas Productive Aging Award Dinner. They honored Sally Quinn with the Productive Aging Award and the Honorable Sidney Kramer with the Humanitarian Award. Ike Leggett, Connie Morella and many others were in attendance. Gratzer Graphics designed the invitation, programs and slides for the event. The tablecloths and orange pots with yellow flowers as centerpieces were chosen to match our design work.

Professional Logo Design: What to Look For

…And Why You Shouldn’t Skimp on Logo Design

As a start-up business or nonprofit organization, you, understandably, may have limited funds and feel that logo design is an area in which you should skimp. But there are instances where you get what you pay for, and logo design often falls into that category. Opting for a cheap logo design can have several pitfalls, which may end up costing you much more later on. A logo is not just a design; it’s an investment in your future. The development of a logo is the strategic foundation of your identity and how your clients or customers will perceive you.