About Gratzer Graphics LLC

Designers who know accessibility and brand strategy

How Are We Different?

We focus on the bigger picture and the impact that you want to have, as opposed to just focusing on a deliverable. After all, what you’re really coming to us for is something beyond that. We help ensure that our work together is going to help your organization have more impact.

Our process is collaborative. We don’t go behind the curtain to design something in isolation. Your input is important throughout the process.

We also use our expertise in accessibility to help you reach more people through your branding, your website or digital publications.

Colleen Gratzer, Chief Creative Officer

Colleen with one of her rescued dogs.Leading the team, Colleen is an award-winning designer with more than 20 years of branding, design, publication and web experience.

A native of the Washington, D.C.-area, Colleen founded Gratzer Graphics LLC in 2003 to help nonprofits and businesses that do good advance their missions and have more impact with their branding and marketing efforts.

She is a Brand Academy™ Certified Branding Expert and an accessibility consultant, having been trained by one of the top accessibility experts to the federal government, PubCom. She has provided training on InDesign accessibility to the Department of the Interior, at the Creative Pro InDesign + Accessibility Summit, CreativePro Week and CreativePro Design + Accessibility Summit.

Under the brand Creative Boost, Colleen hosts the Design Domination podcast, mentors graphic designers and teaches accessibility courses.

She’s also appeared on several podcast and blogs: Logo Geek, WP Elevation, Agency Trailblazer, This Design Life, Freelancers Union, Design for Geeks, Smart Web Creators and Nailing It!.

Outside of work, Colleen raises money and awareness for shelter animals, donating all proceeds from two online stores to animal rescues and shelters.

Photo by Nicole Fine Photography

The Team

  • Eliza Gokun

    Dazzling Designer

    Eliza’s expertise in branding and design spans almost 20 years. Her work shows exceptional creativity and attention to detail, helping organizations tell meaningful stories and connect with their audience.

    She also has extensive technical publication design and layout as well as accessible design expertise.

  • Artyom Scherbyna

    Rock Star Web Developer

    Having played guitar in a band, Artyom is quite literally a rock star.

    Artyom develops websites—from simple to complex—adding custom functionality to address specific client needs and to help clients update their content easily. This includes adding in features to help you with ongoing accessibility compliance.

  • Michael Loeffler

    Programmer Extraordinaire

    With more than 20 years of experience, Michael is a seasoned developer in the alphabet soup of programming languages: PHP, MySQL, XML, jQuery and JavaScript, plus hosting and e-mail. He helps with custom WordPress theme development and enhancement, and plugin/widget development. He is also well versed in database and server technologies.

Special Skills

Special Skills

Our expertise includes additional, unique skills:

  • brand strategy;
  • accessibility for InDesign and PDF files and websites (Section 508 and ADA compliance, WCAG);
  • eagle eye for catching spelling and grammatical errors;
  • foreign languages: Spanish (proficient) and French (intermediate)

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