Branding and Marketing Collateral

What do your marketing materials say about your organization? Is it what you want people to think?

Branding goes beyond the design of a logo or brochure. It encompasses all of your organization’s print and digital marketing collateral: the look, the messaging, the tone. It’s how your organization is perceived. Your brand should build trust and project a positive and professional image to get results.

Selected Branding Work

Branding and marketing materials can include a logo and identity package (letterhead, business cards, envelope), brochures, a print or e-mail newsletter, print and digital ads, flyers, postcard, presentation slides, exhibit materials and more.

In the 3 days after sending a product e-mail using the new design, we saw an unprecedented spike in purchases. Strong unique open and click rates were fantastic, but the impact to our bottom line was well worth the investment.

AABB, Bethesda, MD

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