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We design websites, including those that are accessible to people with disabilities, which allows you to be more inclusive of your audience and to comply with WCAG guidelines. Accessible websites also help prevent potential lawsuits. Whether or not you are legally required to comply with Section 508 or ADA requirements, the number of lawsuits for non-compliant websites is on the rise.

Selected Work

The thought of creating a new website for our nonprofit organization overwhelmed us, although we knew one was badly needed. Gratzer Graphics made it painless! They educated themselves about our work and took our ideas to a new level. They updated our logo and created a clean, new, easy-to-use website that is mobile friendly. The simplified donation process has increased donations a striking 33% for the first 3 months over the same time period last year. Heartfelt thanks to Gratzer Graphics LLC.

Krista H., A Shelter Friend, Elizabethtown, NC

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