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Proven Results

Real results from a few of our clients.

Proven Results

Increase in donations in 3 months
Increase in revenue from an event
Increase in RSVPs

How We Help

Branding and Design

  • Brand Strategy and Design

    We take your brand to the next level, so it has more impact.

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  • Publication Design

    We design publications that tell your story and have impact.

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  • Event Collateral

    We design event materials that help you get more attendees and sponsors.

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Accessibility Services

Some of Our Clients

  • U.S. Department of the Interior
  • Baylor University
  • International Finance Corporation World Bank Group
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Montgomery County, Maryland
  • Endocrine Society
  • Greatheart Consulting
  • Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press

We’ve been working to make sure all of our materials are fully accessible. We still have a ways to go, but I have learned so much from this process and from working with the experts at Gratzer Graphics to help us take the steps we have taken so far—and to help guide us in the steps we still need to take.

If you don’t know much about accessibility or think that accessibility is primarily in what colors you use, then I encourage you to sign up for their newsletter. Lots of helpful tips and general learning on what accessibility means.

Janai Wallace, Greatheart Consulting

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