Accessible InDesign Files

Need to have your InDesign files checked and remediated for accessibility?

What We Do

We take your existing InDesign files and make them accessible—for compliance to Section 508 guidelines and any additional (such as state) accessibility requirements.

How It Works

  1. Schedule a call or submit a request (below) and we’ll get in touch.
  2. We’ll tell you how to send us your files, so we can review them to see how much work needs to be done.
  3. We’ll provide an estimate and agreement.
  4. Once you accept the agreement and make the requested initial payment, we’ll rework and modify the InDesign file, colors and linked images to meet accessibility requirements.
  5. We’ll let you know of any material changes we need to make in the process (such as to colors, typefaces, images, etc.) and discuss potential solutions with you.
  6. Upon completion, we’ll send you the remediated InDesign files and an accessible PDF.

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Colleen is a longtime colleague and graduate of my firm’s classes in accessible design. My credentials allow me to say that Colleen is excellent at this. And she’s terrific to work with. She has my highest endorsement. (My firm is a leading consultancy for accessible design and publishing, and I am on the international committees that create accessibility standards for digital media and documents.)

Bevi Chagnon,, Takoma Park, MD