Image Requirements

Here are some guidelines to help you find and use images legally and with good results.


Providing images at the proper resolution is important for them to look crisp and not pixelated. We can always make an image smaller, but a degradation in quality is seen when enlarging. You will not know how large a photo or logo will be used and you may not be able to check the resolution yourself. That’s OK. If you plan to send photos to your designer, obtain the highest resolution photos possible. The designer will let you know if there is an issue with the resolution.

  • Photos and other types of raster (pixel-based) images should be a minimum of 300 ppi at the actual size at which they will be printed. You may refer to our image size calculator.
  • Logos and illustrations are best provided as a vector EPS or an Adobe Illustrator file. Both formats are resolution independent and able to be scaled to any size without sacrificing resolution.

Permission for Use

If you are providing an image to your designer, be sure you have obtained any necessary permission to use it—unless it is your own or you know for certain that it’s not protected by copyright, such as one from the public domain (using ones found through a Google images search is not OK). You should also obtain written consent from any people, especially minors, who appear in a photograph.


A credit to the photographer or source may or may not be required to appear with the image. Always convey this information to your designer.

File Types

Send individual image files: PSD, TIFF, JPEG, PNG ,GIF, AI or EPS. Do not copy and paste images into a Word document.

  • For print work: PSD, TIFF, JPEG, AI or EPS are best.
  • For use in websites, e-mails or slide presentations: Send any image format.
  • Graphs or charts: These work best in their native format of Excel or Illustrator, or a PDF saved from Excel.

File Names

Clearly name any images you make reference to in your text document in order to make it easy for the designer to identify each one.