Preparing Copy

When preparing copy, follow these tips to keep your costs for revisions to a minimum:


  • Have all text edited and proofread prior to sending to us, unless we are doing the proofreading. Having to redo the layout due to major text changes will result in additional charges.
  • Use styles in Word or place a consistently used code to denote headings, sidebars, block quotes, etc., such as <h1> for first-level (largest) headings, <h2> for second-level headings, <block> for block quotes, etc. You may also denote the end of a block quote or sidebar if that element’s length exceeds a paragraph.
  • Use only a single tab when aligning text.
  • Use center alignment, not tabs, to center text.


  • Send unfinalized text to “get us started.” Otherwise, the layout and all formatting will have to be redone.
  • Insert multiple paragraph marks or double spaces.
  • Hit the return key unless you intend to start a new paragraph. Typing on the computer is not like typing on a typewriter: a line break should not be placed at the end of every line of text—only at the end of every paragraph.
  • Worry about making your text document look like how you want it laid out, centering text, formatting headings, etc. You’re hiring us to design it. 🙂

When writing your copy, you may find the following resources helpful to type special characters and symbols in Windows or on a Mac.

If you cannot send all copy at once, it is usually OK to send the copy in sections, but only once those sections have been finalized.